Themes and Tracks


The program will comprise of a number of themes that are intended to provide an overall direction of the conference and are to challenge and inspire.

1) Forensic Human Factors

4) Technology Transformation

2) Forensic Social Responsibility

5) Digitalisation of the Forensic Process

3) Forensic Data Science


The tracks cover the fields of the EWGs of ENFSI. The sub-tracks provide additional guidance regarding the topics of each track. There might be changes to the sub-tracks in the future. The present tracks and sub-tracks are as follows:

Digital Evidence

  • Digital Biometrics
  • Digital Imaging
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Speech and Audio

Chemistry & Trace Evidence

  • CBRN
  • Drugs
  • Explosives
  • Gunshot Residue (GSR)
  • Fingerprint development
  • Flammables
  • Paint and glass
  • Textile and Hair


  • Body fluids
  • Disaster Victim Identification (DVI)
  • DNA 


Scene of Crime

  • Animal, plant and soil
  • Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (BPA)
  • CBRN
  • Fire and explosions investigation
  • Archaeology
  • Road Accident Analysis
  • Scene of Crime (SOC)
  • Serious org crime and terrorism

Pattern Recognition

  • Documents
  • Fingerprint Comparison
  • Firearms
  • Handwriting
  • Marks

More Tracks

Medicine and Toxicology

Legal and Ethical Aspects


Forensic Statistic

European Perspective


General questions
Please contact the conference bureau, Meetagain 
phone +46 8 664 58 00


General questions
Contact the conference bureau, Meetagain  +46 8 664 58 00