The biggest European Forensic Science Event – European Academy of Forensic Science Conference is held in Stockholm, Sweden, on May 30th – June 3rd June 2022.  

EAFS 2022 is organised by the National Forensic Centre (NFC), a department within the Swedish Police Authority, under patronage of the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI). 

The objective of this conference is to explore developments in the forensic science community reflecting the needs of law enforcement agencies combating organised crime and terrorism as well as new areas of criminal activities. The conference program comprises topics such as digital transformation of the forensic process, forensic data science, forensic human factors, forensic social responsibility and forensic technology innovation. 

Different forensic science areas are covered under the Tracks and Sub-tracks that define the main structure of the conference program. For more information about Tracks and Sub-tracks please see here. 

Over 1000 European and international practitioners, researchers, managers and stakeholders of the forensic science community alongside EU agencies, academia, industrial partners and international organisations will participate during the conference. 

All verbal and written content during the conference is in English and no translations are given to other languages. 

It is possible to attend the conference for five or three days. 


Photo, City Conference Centre


Helena Trolläng, Director at National Forensic Centre (NFC) of the Swedish Police Authority, welcomes you All to the European Academy of Forensic Science (EAFS) 2022. NFC is proud to organize the EAFS 2022 conference in collaboration with European Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI).

Dr. Emil Hjalmarson, Chairman of the EAFS 2022 Scientific Committee

Dr. Emil Hjalmarson, Chairman of the EAFS 2022 Scientific Committee and R&D Director of the National Forensic Centre, the Swedish Police Authority, introduces the program of the Conference. You are invited to contribute to EAFS 2022 by submitting an abstract for a presentation, oral or poster, which will be an essential part of the sessions in the Conference Program. The Abstract Submission is open until December 19, 2021. Welcome!



General questions
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