Congress Hall in Folkets Hus. Photo: STOCCC


General Instructions

Each presenter will be given a time slot of 20 minutes in total, which is distributed as 15 minutes of presentation and 5 minutes of answering questions from the auditorium and changing of presenters at the podium. As the schedule of presentation sessions is tight it is of utmost importance that all presenters are ready and in time for their presentations. The introduction of  each presenter will be kept brief when introduced by the moderator. In order for the audience to move between sessions we will keep the schedule starting time for each presentation even  if the previous author do not require the full 20 minutes allowed.


EU Logotype in Presentation Slides for Funded Projects and Cooperations

If you are giving an oral presentation about an EU funded project or cooperation, you should have the EU logotype included in your presentation slides. Below you find  files of the logotype which you may use.


Upload Your Presentation

All oral presenters/speakers are advised to upload any slides/PowerPoint Presentations you will be showing during the conference in advance to the FILECENTRAL.

  • Save the file with a name that includes your oral presentation number and abstract title, according to the following format <presentation number>_<presentation title>, for example: OP148_Mixed reality for crime scene documentation.ppt
  • Upload your presentation here: FILECENTRAL
  • The last day to upload your presentation is Monday May 23rd

Technical staff at the venue will prepare all oral presentations in advance by making sure that the scheduled presentations are available on the presentation computer in respective  conference rooms in good time for the presentations. To make sure presentations run smoothly during the sessions you are expected to use the computer provided by EAFS while giving your presentation. There will be a “Speaker Room” at the venue with administrative and technical staff who will answer questions you might have and provide service and help when  needed. In the “Speaker Room” you may also preview your presentation on a computer with the same setup as the one used in your session. If you have any questions or need of help, please contact our Conference Bureau, MeetAgain.


Technical Requirements PowerPoint Presentations

  • Make sure your PowerPoint presentation is in 16:9 ratio (1,920 x 1,080 pixels).
  • Videos must be embedded in PowerPoint.
  • Do not use links to YouTube or other webservices in your presentations.
  • If you use fonts not included in the Windows 10 system you should send them ahead to our Conference Bureau MeetAgain together with your presentation on Monday May 23rd at the latest.


Technical Requirements Video Formats

  • Resolution: 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.
  • Frame rate: 25 or 50 fps.
  • Bitrate: approximately 10,000 kb/s is enough.
  • Compression: H.264.
  • .mp4 files are preferred but we can handle most common video formats.
  • Do not send ProRes-files.


Technical Requirements Audio

  • Resolution: 16-bit.
  • Bitrate: 192–320 kb/s.
  • Sample frequency: 44,1 kHz.


Technical Requirements Graphics and Images

  • Resolution: 1,920 x 1,080 pixels (for full screen).
  • Format: .png for pictures not embedded in in PowerPoint presentations and png and jpeg for pictures embedded in PowerPoint presentations.


Guidelines for printout


General questions
Contact the conference bureau, Meetagain  +46 8 664 58 00