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Preliminary Scheduled Sessions for Tracks and Sub-Tracks

The European Academy of Forensic Science Conference will comprise topics such as technology transformation, digitisation of forensic process, forensic data science, forensic human factor and forensic social responsibility. It will be possible to attend the conference for 5 or 3 days.

Themes & Tracks

The program will comprise of a number of themes that are intended to provide an overall direction of the conference and are to challenge and inspire. The tracks cover the fields of the EWGs of ENFSI. To find more information about themes and tracks click here.


Management Day

Management of the forensic process is a topic that, at previous EAFS conferences, has shown to be of great interest to both managers and forensic practitioners. Since the needs of all users of forensic results changes or increases, due to new types of crime or new policies within law enforcement, the forensic community need to share results from project and “best practice” related to management of the process, e.g. effective case handling routines, communication strategies with the end user of forensic results, handling requirements concerning quality assurance.


European Day 

The Conference will have a European Day, facilitating the possibility to learn about developments and results from forensic projects across Europe, many that are partly financed by the European Commission or self-financed. Furthermore, the plan is to have workshops, oral presentations, and posters as well as panel discussions and presentations. During the European Day, special focus will be given to initiatives taken by both the EC and ENFSI and also planned future R&D within the forensic sector.


General questions
Contact the conference bureau, Meetagain eafs2022@meetagain.se  +46 8 664 58 00